Come for a paddle on the Lea

2 – 5pm on Saturday 22nd September 2012

The White Building

Queens Yard

White Post Lane

Hackney Wick

E9 5EN

Try your hand at racing a coracle. A coracle is a one-person boat designed by druids and woven from strips of the ash tree. Full instruction is provided. Although contenders race a short distance, the way across the water is never straight forward, as coracles tend to weave and wend like water dodgems.

- This is the 7th annual Coracle Regatta at Hackney Wick, bringing contenders from across the country.

- There is plenty of opportunity for everyone to have a go.

- Prizes for winners.

For those who prefer to relax at the waterside of The White Building, there are refreshments available at the Crate pizza oven and micro-brewery.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Welcome to the Coracle Regatta blog!


  1. Look out for Brat and Suzie's Cortical Regatta t-shirt by Louise Boulter. We think it’s the best one yet!

    All our designs can be seen online at

  2. Check out Spitalfields Life for an article about the rowing club

  3. watch out for the monster that lives beneath them murky waters..

  4. Oi oi! Here we go! Another year and once again we're looking for the best of the best! The Top Gun of the coracle world! Is it you? Are you tough enough? Are you fast enough? Are you strong enough? There's only 1 way to find out! See you on Sunday!

  5. Is there going to be any press to highlight the plight of the Eton Mission Rowing Club as they face Olympic-sanctioned cultural vandalism and wanton destruction?

    I think there should be.

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